Continuous deployment.

The Azure Portal allows you to automatically build, test and deploy your web application or API directly from your chosen source control. With Continuous deployment you can now deploy directly from the following repositories:

  • Visual Studio Online
  • Local GIT repo
  • GitHub
  • BitBucket

Step 1

Open the Azure Portal and select your web application. You will find the below tile asking you to setup Continuous Deployment.

Continuous deployment (CI) in the Azure Portal.

Step 2

Select your source – we use GitHub in this example.

Step 3

Fill in the details and authenticate with your GitHub account, select your repo and the branch you would like to use. Initially it’s a good idea to choose your dev or staging branch for this until you are happy you have the correct tests and “guts” to publish directly to live.


Step 4 and conclusion.

That’s it, you are all setup. When you next check in to your chosen branch the Azure Portal will automatically run the integration and deploy your application.


As you can see from the extremely short instructions, you can quickly set up your own continuous deployments with ease.

You can force the deployment from the latest files in your branch by pressing Sync. You can also disconnect the integration by pressing disconnect.

If you are looking for more options and integration, please look at Visual Studio Online, their Build and deploy options are excellent for many development operations.

Link :

Github Continuous Delivery in the Preview Portal