Entity Framework 7 – Modern Data Applications – Data for Web, Phone, Store, and Desktop

There is a lot of changes and improvements coming to the next release of Entity Framework. Entity Framework (EF) is a popular data access technology for .NET applications. EF7 is a lightweight and extensible version of EF that enables new platforms and new data stores. In this new version Windows Universal App Platform, ASP.NET, and traditional desktop applications can all use the Entity Framework, as well as .NET apps running on Mac and Linux. EF7 supports relational databases as well as non-relational data stores such as Azure Table Storage and Redis.

Same experience built over a new lightweight and extensible core.

Entity Framework has a new core but still gives you the same top level experience as EF6 for example Dbcontext/DbSet.

The new core:
• Core = Metadata, change tracking, query pipeline, etc.
• Easier to replace/extend components.
• Replace confusing API’s & Behaviour (metadata API etc.)
• Better Perf. Optimized for memory and CPU usage.
• RAW SQL improvements

Entity Framework 7: Data for Web, Phone, Store, and Desktop

Modern Data Applications with Entity Framework 7

Here are a few blog posts that dig into the changes coming in EF7: