I’m extremely excited to be attending Microsoft Build in Seattle – WA, next month – May 10-12. Especially with the tickets selling out within hours. This will be the third time in three years and the amount of knowledge, insights, and information which is digested over the week really is invaluable.

The last two years have been in San Francisco and have been great. This year it’s at Microsoft’s home, Seattle.

What is Microsoft Build?

Software continues to transform the world in remarkable ways and developers are at the center of it. At Microsoft Build 2017 (link) in downtown Seattle we will learn about latest new technologies and exciting plans on the horizon. Microsoft Build is filled with strong technical sessions as well as opportunities to meet and learn from others in the industry.

Build is the number one place for developers to learn how to put these latest innovations — and what’s next — to work building:

  • Mixed-reality experiences
  • Cutting edge, intelligent cloud apps
  • Simplified end-to-end dev ops experiences
  • Mobile experiences for nearly any device
  • Apps that make your customers more productive
  • AI-powered apps we have yet to imagine

You can also watch the event live on Channel 9.