Office 365 Unified REST API

During my visit to the Microsoft Build Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft displayed the power of the new Office 365 unified API’s throughout various sessions. They are extremely powerful and our team will be utilizing the services very soon.

It provides one simple JSON REST API to access all of your 365 data removing the need to connect to various API’s when integrating your application.

Oh, and my son loves the t-shirt too!


Office 365 unified API (PREVIEW)

The Office 365 unified API endpoint is the central location for connecting to all of the Office 365 APIs, including the Office Graph preview APIs.  This one endpoint allows developers a more streamlined way of accessing all of the Office 365 APIs, including:

  • Authentication
  • Files
  • Groups
  • Sites
  • Mail
  • Office Graph

All using a single authentication flow to make developing for all of the Office 365 services simpler.


Try it now!