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Swagger , Swashbuckle and AutoRest – RESTful API’s

Swagger , Swashbuckle and AutoRest – REST API’s

Swagger is a JSON format which describes HTTP based APIs to enable automatic documentation among other things. A great nuget package to auto generate your Swagger JSON file is Swashbuckle.

Documenting your APIs with Swagger featuring Richard Morris

Inside Web APIs and Customizing Swagger with Brady Gaster

Swashbuckle Seamlessly adds a Swagger to WebApi projects! It combines ApiExplorer and Swagger/swagger-ui to provide a rich discovery, documentation and playground experience to your API consumers.

In addition to its Swagger generator, Swashbuckle also contains an embedded version of swagger-ui which it will automatically serve up once Swashbuckle is installed. This means you can complement your API with a slick discovery UI to assist consumers with their integration efforts. Best of all, it requires minimal coding and maintenance, allowing you to focus on building an awesome API!

Azure AutoRest

Once your API is ‘Swagger enabled’, you can then use a number of open source tools to compliment your API or simply to speed up development. For example, The AutoRest tool generates client libraries for accessing RESTful web services. How cool is this! AutoRest will read your automatically generated Swagger format JSON file and automatically generate your C# models and create a C# http client to access your REST API from C#. You can also use AutoRest to generate clients in different languages.

Inside AutoRest with David Justice & Scott Hanselman

Check out the source links below for more information.

Source : https://github.com/domaindrivendev/Swashbuckle

Source : https://channel9.msdn.com/

source : https://github.com/Azure/AutoRest

Update 21/01/2016 : Added Inside Web APIs and Customizing Swagger with Brady Gaster video



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