I’m looking forward to starting development with Microsoft’s UWP platform (Universal Windows Platform) in the business world. This will maximise our applications reach to various device families which include:
  • PC
  • Mobile
  • Xbox
  • Surface Hub
  • IoT
  • HoloLens


Microsoft posted on Wednesday that over 75 million users have downloaded Windows 10 to their personal computers and tablets in the first month of its release. That is a pretty impressive number especially when compared to Windows 8, which reached 40 million in the first month.
Microsoft aim to reach 1 billion devices within the first year for Windows 10 with the OS being a free upgrade during this time.

My Thoughts

While Universal applications were available for Windows 8, we haven’t yet found a client who has fully implemented the OS therefore Universal Apps aren’t even an option (believe it or not some clients are stuck on XP). I’m positive that with Windows 10 being a free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8, and a lot more familiar (in regards to the upgrade from Windows 7) that a lot more clients will be moving to Windows 10 and doing so fast. I will certainly be a strong advocate for the upgrade.
At the present point we are using WPF and have designed and developed a WPF theme which basically replicates the UWP UI (burger menu etc.) with a few of our own touches to make it work within the enterprise environment. I will be writing a post on this at a later date and unfortunately I can not give away the code for business reasons.
Windows 10 Mobile is also has some great features and is looking a far greater OS than its predecessor but it’s going to require hardware manufactures to really give it a market share. If Windows 10 reaches its 1 billion device target then that might just happen.

Free UWP Template.

A collection of additional project and item templates for creating Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps
Anyone looking to start UWP development or even existing developers with worth checking out this amazing template which basically gives you a full application template with burger menu, icons etc.
universal template