Azure Search

Search-as-a-service for web and mobile app development.

Search is an effective pattern to enable users to get to data in apps quickly. Users expect great search experiences including linguistics in their native languages, good relevance, suggestions for auto-complete, faceted navigation, geospatial awareness and more. Azure Search offers all the key building blocks to add search to mobile and web apps, you can easily bring data in new or existing data sources into a search index, and manage scale and availability when your app grows.

  • Get your search indices up and running quickly
  • Easily scale up and down as needed
  • Connect search results to business goals with great control over search ranking
  • Leverage Microsoft’s deep knowledge of natural language processing
  • Load and update automatically with integrated indexers
  • Easily add geo-spatial search to your app
  • Search filters
  • Suggestions + more

A great short overview of Azure Search

Azure Search 101 – Getting started with Azure Search with Liam Cavanagh

Scott talks to Azure Search Program Manager Liam Cavanagh. Azure offers Search-as-a-service for web and mobile apps! You can scale out easily and tune indices just the way your users want it. Liam explains how the REST API for Azure Search works and how easy it is to plug into an app. You could have blazingly fast search on your site or in your app in no time. Scott and Liam integrate Azure Search in a web site easily in this short video.

The great session I attended at Build 2015

I also recommend watching the session I attended at Build 2015 which gives a great insight into how you can set up and incorporate Azure Search into your applications.

Using Azure Search to Build Great Search Experiences in Mobile and Web Apps

PDF : Introducing Azure Search

Azure Search .NET SDK

The Azure Search .NET SDK is now generally available. You can download the SDK package from NuGet. The version number of the GA package is 1.1, and it targets version 2015-02-28 of the Azure Search REST API.

14/02/2016 Update : Azure Search .NET SDK